November 25, 2015

Dancing with the Craze Known as Zumba

I was thrilled to receive an invitation from a friend saying free Zumba class and would be lasting for month. Why should I turn down the offer - first I will be with my friends who I know is also a dancing queen, second it is zumba – it is dancing, and the best of it – it is free!

And the fun begin, our session lasted for an hour and half, thrice a week – before every sessions we were asked to weigh in order for us to take note of our weight. My friend and I danced our heart away until the last day no matter what the intensity level was, we never missed a class! I was delighted to see that I have lost weight in reviewing my weight pattern but others I think were not pleased.

Zumba fitness for me is amazing! The weight lost follows on how much effort or energy a participant put into it and like our instructor said, “What you put in your mouth matters”.

October 19, 2015

Surviving A Bad Date 101

You were pretty excited for your date this evening. However, one of these incidents occurred; your date talked too much about himself, his breath smelled bad, or worse, you feel that he is still gung-ho over his ex flame. In short, the date is not going as well as you have imagined.

In these cases, do not panic. Stay calm and see if you can turn the bad date around to the right direction. Maybe the guy is just nervous and do not know how to act properly around you. Steer the conversation where you want it, and see if he can follow suit. If he doesn't, then he clearly has a problem.

If by any chance, the guy is showing signs of aggression, or does other things to make you uncomfortable, head for the exit immediately. Act like you are not interested and he will get it. If he doesn't, then say it in a direct, but nice manner to him. If he continues to pester you, call for help.

September 21, 2015

Say NO to Stretch Marks while Pregnant

A lot of mothers complain about their stretch marks and cellulites all over their tummies and legs—they keep saying that it’s because of their pregnancy; their tummy got too stretched out. But the thing is, expectant mothers can avoid these marks easily! Milk is the first defense they have against stretch marks and cellulites—it helps their skin become more flexible and smoother.

Another tip is not to scratch your tummy when it gets too itchy. If you can’t bear the itching any longer, try to gently wipe your tummy with a face towel dipped in lukewarm water. That ought to do the trick! Lotion can also help your skin become more firm and smooth; gently massage the lotion onto your skin, especially on the areas that need more firming and attention such as your buttocks and the back of your legs. There are a lot of easy ways to deal with and prevent stretch marks while pregnant!

August 19, 2015

No pain, no gain

Losing weight and staying healthy has always been my lifetime goal from the time I could ever imagine. Eating right and exercising almost every day as a regimen seem to be simple to speak of but very, very hard to do it neither be consistent about it nor be devoted into it.

I am not fat, at least that is what I always said to myself, but peer pressures always strikes me. Probably it is more of envy. Whenever I could see girls who bear the body that I always wanted; a body that they could flauntwithout shame or hiding anything, envy always kills me.Finding the right timing to begin is difficult but being consistent about it is damn more difficult. All the more when I was trying to be picky on what I ate. Not being able to eat my favourite snacks and chocolates is the saddest thing on earth.

But then again, the show must go on, as most determined people would say, ‘no pain, no gain.’ I’m still going to continue the fight because I know it will be all worth it in the end.