April 5, 2014

Music, the Womb and the Formative Years

As mentioned in studies, babies can already hear starting 4-5 months in utero. The baby can hear the mother’s heartbeat, other bodily sounds and also those outside the womb. There have been thoughts about letting your child listen to classical music through your belly before birth, and that this could make them smarter than they are. This is called the “Mozart Effect.”

There are many kinds of ‘smart’ and one of them is auditory intelligence. I believe that this can be developed through music therapy from the womb, beyond. It allows the child to be familiar with different kinds of sounds and their vibrations, so that he or she could acquire an instinctive skill in identifying and, or executing sound.

It has been said that loud music can affect the fetus’ developing ears, that is why it is not advisable to play some heavy rock (unless up to a soft volume). Jazz and classical are recommended due to their mentally stimulating note and chord patterns which could also be good for developing the child’s state-of-mind. Take your pick.

Bandana No More

My close and dear friend Remy is such a sweet girl that she can’t go out without her lipstick. I even remembered one time when I was taking care of her in the hospital, she asked me to apply some lipstick on her so she won’t look pale when our co-workers would pay her a visit.

Remy had a breast cancer. When her affected breast was operated and taken out, her hair started to fall because of the strong medication she had to take and chemotheraphy she underwent. She totally became bald and she always wore a bandana especially when she was allowed to report for work. My friends and I decided to buy a wig for her. We chose from wig collection from www.ultimatelooks.com. We know when she gets it, she would be happy.

February 17, 2014

Daddy has some picky issues

I was doing my last minute Christmas shopping list with a tight budget. Christmas is about giving and we should always give to others, it doesn’t matter if it’s not all expensive what’s important is the thought that you have remembered and included that someone to give him something, at least that’s what I knew but there just some people who are so picky and even demanding about gifts.

I could not give what my father really likes because I'm broke but I tried to think of other alternative gift that will make him smile even though it’s cheap for him. He’s very difficult to please but I take that as a challenge. I could only give him small things for now but if he’s patient enough to wait for the best gift I could give him then it will be a good one. He’ll surely be in tears when he sees it.

French horns make me hungry

I saw the best english horn at musicians friend and I got to tell you that it’s pretty expensive. I could buy a second hand car, that’s how expensive it was. I never knew that such instrument can go that high. I seldom see people with English horns, not to mention I never saw who owns one at least not here where I live.

Maybe people with French horns are rich because you can’t just afford such luxurious lifestyle; I mean I could pay two years of apartment rent for that price. Rich people really have ways to waste money, or maybe I'm just far from their class (sigh). All this thoughts about French horns makes me want to eat. I’ve been thinking about food, I kept thinking about French fries dipped in mayonnaise or some French toast.