October 15, 2014

My Best Friend Is My Sister

I know it’s lame to mention any member of your family as your best friend. But, it is true for me. I would never consider my sister to be my best friend 20 years ago because we fight like cats and dogs. The moment she became my best friend came when I was on my final year in college and she just started college. We rent the same boarder room. We get to do everything together.

Although our time together is short because I found a job, I still remember those days. We watched the same movie and eat a lot of stuff together. I got to the point that we would grow old together and rent an apartment together. Maybe, because we are away from home and get to the big city alone. But, my sister appreciates me more and so do I. The good relationship last until present day. I am comfortable with my sister now.

September 8, 2014

The Two W’s to a Healthy Life

A lot of us complain about how hard it is to maintain (or to start) a healthy lifestyle—we keep finding excuses not to keep ourselves in good health such as diet programs can be expensive, or that going to the gym takes too much time and effort, and so on. The thing is, there are a lot of things we can do to stay healthy, and most of these aren’t even difficult or does not require too much effort.

Take the two W’s for instance—Water and Walking. You may not realize it now but water really plays a big part in your system. The more water you drink (and the more you try to avoid other beverages high in sugar such as instant juice mixes and sodas), the easier it will be for your body to flush out toxins. As for walking, it is the simplest activity you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help keep you fit and your blood circulation pumping. Nothing really is hard once you put your mind to it!

August 6, 2014

How Unfair Life Really is

I have often thought that even though we now live in a modern world, the equality between people is still a problem. Being a female may have certain disadvantages when it comes to fair treatment.

I remember someone I know way back in college. She is a really nice girl with a little addiction. She flirts all man that talks to her and sleeps with about 80% of them. I don’t have a problem with that. Its her life and she can do whatever pleases her. But the thing is people judge her because of those actions. They call her names and thinks lowly of her. But I also knew a boy who would flirt and sleeps with almost all women who would agree. And his friends think that his the man and speaks highly of him.

Do you get my point? I understand that we girls have certain values to protect and should behave in certain ways acceptable as well. But should we be judge with how we choose to live our lives?

July 18, 2014

They Call Me Bookworm

I was short in budget and I sold around half of the total amount of my books for the past 2 years. But I’m happy to say that I have no room left for all my books! I have two big bookshelves and I was so sad for about a year when I sold many of my books, but not anymore. I bought again some of them at used bookstores. I have got some very good books, books from my childhood that can easily buy at many bookstores.

I love second-hand bookstores, but the local used bookstore here just closed. It’s kind of depressing. That local library has a perk section and I’ve been getting many books there, paperback books and teen fiction books. I like to have hardcover books but I don’t want to pay full price of it. My old local used bookstore was great since they had so much hardcover books. I'm thinking about getting another book shelves, but I have no idea where I should put it.