March 24, 2013

The Thief and the Princess

In the medieval time of France, a princess named Leona has the heart for her people who are living inside their castle. Every day she visits the town’s people to greet them good morning as she smiles her way around the town. Her father was a greedy king and he doesn’t care for his people. The king’s bad deeds were disapproved by his daughter Leona. They always quarrel about giving care for the people. One night, the castle’s food was robbed by a thief. The king ordered that if the thief will get caught, he will be punished terribly. Early in the morning, the people were shocked to see a bag of food on their table. The town’s leader told his people that if this thief would do this to us we should keep it a secret.

The next night, the thief strikes again but unluckily the soldiers caught the thief and was thrown in the dungeon. It was morning when people were gathered and the king announced for the public viewing of the thief’s identity. The king removed the mask and was caught by surprise, so as the people. It was his daughter, Princess Leona. The king fell to his knees and cried and felt sorry for his daughter and for his town’s men. The king realizes everything and renewed the distribution of food for everyone. As for Princess Leona, she was punished by servicing the town’s men such as cleaning, cutting woods and other things.

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