October 5, 2013

Looking For A Nut Case

I used to take time off from gadding about town with friends while I lived with my aunt to tinker with broken house furniture. I find it frustrating to go look for a particular nut every time I need it so I decided to take my friend’s advice to go for these and stock up on it for future use. I told my aunt of my friend’s advice and she did bought some. Not so many; just 10s or 20s of the ones that are mostly used with the bolts on the majority of the house furniture that always get broken.

My aunt and I liked the resulting convenience. I could readily fix anything broken every time I have spare 30 minutes or so before I go to sleep at night after work. The easier ones I got done in these amount of time though, like loose worn out bolts of the portable kitchen table or a lost nut onher gardening shear. My aunt DIYed on her own too;those she found easy to do. I’m going to employ this kind of practice in my own home when I have one in the future.

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